Friday, January 10, 2014

First Install Raspberry Pi

If you want to know more about raspberry you can visit the official site =>
I need the raspberry pi for my project, I want to use this device for free radius server.
For this project we need one raspberry pi with radius server, and then we connect the pi to the switch and the APs (Access Point) also connected to switch. So we can manage the user in the many access point that connected to switch using the raspberry pi.

Our concern is about the handoff (when the client moving from the one AP to another AP). But before we do that we must install the operating system to raspberry pi. You have many choice about the os for this device, you can dig more information in google. But in this case I use this one (Raspbian Wheezy) you can download on the raspbian website or you can visit this link => .

Please follow this steps :
  1. Download the os image then extract.
  2. Provide SDCard (in this case i use 8 GB) and don't forget to format this sdcard.
  3. If you use windows OS you can download WIN32 disk imager , extract, run administrator, please choose the SDcard and the os image then write, Just wait until finish.
  4. If you use the OSX you can use this command on your terminal"sudo dd bs=1m if=name_of_image_file of=/dev/disk1 " (disk1 is the sdcard, you can check using this command "diskutil list"), and don't forget to unmount your sdcard before you write the image to your sdcard (command for unmount "sudo diskutil umount diskxx").
  5. If you use the Linux OS using this command on your terminal "sudo dd bs=4M if=namefile of=/dev/sdb ", for checking your sdcard you can use the command "fdisk -l" and don't forget to unmount before you write "unmount /dev/sdb".
  6. If you success for writing the image to the sdcard, now you have raspberry os in your sdcard.
  7. Prepare the raspberry device, insert the SDcard, HDMI to the monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse, and then turn on the power.
  8. See the indicator light, red ligth is for power, and now you can see what's happened in your monitor :) .
  9. get the GUI using startx command.
  10. the last you can access your raspberry via SSH
  11. Default user: pi and password : raspberry.
Next Post i think about the setup environment for my project (wifi handoff), see you.

Raspberry just have 1 LAN port, 2 USB port, 1 HDMI, 1 SDCard slot, power port, microphone jack.
If you want to make raspberry for proxy or the other that need 2 LAN port, you can use USB to LAN, dont forget to buy one to many USB Slot. :) . 


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