Monday, January 6, 2014

Flashing WZR-1750DHP to DD WRT failed

See the update for this post "How to Flashing WZR-1750DHP to DD WRT (worked) "

In this post I just want to share about my work. I've a project in my lab research about wifi handover project and to implementing this project we must design the environment.

The requirements for this project are :
  1. Wifi router Access point, and we choose the WZR-1750DHP, we decided to choose this one because this devices is newest from the buffalo Access Point Router and we have references about this device. We saw the someone success for flashing this device to DD-WRT. let's see in this youtube video.
  2. the others requirements are : switch and raspberry pi (we still waiting for this device, maybe mid of january the will arrived).
The firmware version of this device is 2.06.
WZR 1750 DHP
We have some problem for flashing this device to DD-WRT firmware. We read some references in DD-WRT forum, someone success to flashing this device to DD-WRT firmware but the others one failed and make the router brick. They are who success to flashing this firmware the device that they use is WZR-1750DHP japan version. 

Let's me show about the works that was i done:
  1. This is the link for download the DD WRT firmware for WZR-1750DHP device => . First we must download the "factory-to-ddwrt.bin" then we flashing the device using this firmware. Second we must flashing again using "buffalo-wzr-1750dhp-webflash.bin.
    In this step we got the error : 
  2. We got the error in no 1 because the firmware version of this device is too new. I read some references in the DD-WRT forum that to flashing DD WRT firmware for this device we must downgrade the firmware to 2.03 version and finally I can't found this firmware in buffalo official website.
  3. We can download the firmware form buffalo official website, but we can't found the version 2.03 in this site, And I read the tutorial from this link => we can download the 2.03 firmware in this link -> . (this is the japan version firmware). But this firmware didn't work on this device. 
We will try other ways, I hope we find the references and some light as soon as possible, or maybe someone can give us light about this problem? you can write the comment :)

thank you :)

* debug mode in this devices =>  did'nt work.


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