Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Flashing WZR-1750DHP to DD WRT

update to "Simple way for update firmware AC 1750 or WZR-1750DHP to DD-WRT"

In the last post , I said i failed for installing DD-WRT firmware to this device, Now I know the problem is on my laptop, what the hell is this, I tried for many times but always failed, i don't know what the problem, but when i tried use the same way in different PC(PC in my lab using windows OS) It's worked well.

Ok, so if you have the same device that i have and you wanna to install DD-WRT to your device let's see and follow this steps:

(thank you for rea1s1ow)
  1. Download the 2.03 japan firmware in this link 
  2. Download DD-WRT firmware r2218 in this link and r22700 in this link.
  3. Login to your AP but use the username "bufpy" and password "otdpopypassword"
  4. Klik the debug-disp menu and find the place for upload the firmware, this pictures will help you.

  5. Upload your 2.03 japan firmware, wait until 100 complate.
  6. Do a 30/30/30 reset.
  7. Now you have the device with 2.03 japanfirmware, let's go like in the step 3 (don't forget you must login using bufpy username).

  8. Find the place for upload then upload your DD-WRT firmware.(*klik link /firmup.html)

  9. Don't forget to do 30/30/30 reset.
  10. Enjoy your DD-WRT router :)

    It's worked and until now i have no problem about my router. Actually i tried for many times because i have 7 router in my lab for this projects. Now the problem that i have is how to bring back my bricked router :(
    thank you, see you in the next post.


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