Monday, February 10, 2014

Android Wifi Handover

In this post I just want to tell you about my research about "Wifi Handover". For the first time I just setup simple environment, I uset 2 AP each AP has 2 interfaces, one AP in the first foor and the second AP in the second floor so i use nexus7 with the simple android handover application moving from first floor to second floor, the last i calculate the connectivity time change about the two AP.

The complete result like this :
Device & Env

Router : AC 1750 (WZR 1750 DHP)
Firmware : DD-WRT
Client : Two Android Nexus 7 (Wifi Tablet)
Dorm 4 (First Floor and Second Floor).
Just 2 AP (each AP 2 interfaces).
First Floor : dd-wrt-1-floor-2.4ghz , dd-wrt-1-floor-5ghz
Second Floor : dd-wrt-2-floor-2.4ghz , dd-wrt-2-floor-5ghz
Setting DD-WRT default.
Channel Auto.
Handover will occured when
NewAP(dBm) better than Current AP + threshold.

Threshold : 2,4,6,7,8,10

Sample log cat without the android handover application

Sample log cat with the android wifi handover application

The result of this research:


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